Amelogen Plus – resin composite restorative material

Amelogen Plus is a tooth shade resin composite material (Bis-GMA based) to be used for posterior and anterior tooth restorations.

Amelogen Plus is radiopaque and available in multiple Vita shades. It is 76% filled by weight and 61% filled by volume and has an average particle size of 0.7μm with narrow upper limit particle distribution.

It is supplied in multi-use syringes (2.5 grams) and single compules (0.3 grams).

Directions for Use Amelogen Plus:

  1. If refrigerated, bring product to room temperature.
  2. Apply dentin bonding agent to preparation according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. OPTIONAL: Place a super adaptive layer of flowable composite.
    For Syringes:
    A. Remove cap from Amelogen Plus syringe. If desired, use the Quad Key to remove inside flanges for open barrel delivery.
    B. Twist stem to express composite. Resistance will lessen with each twist.
    NOTE: To avoid cross-contamination, use a clean instrument with each increment removed from the syringe.
    For Singles:
    A. Keep tip caps on until use.
    B. Place syringe compule in dispensing gun.
    C. Make sure tip is firmly snapped into composite gun before trying to express.
    D. Unit dose singles are designed for single use only. Do not re-use to avoid cross-contamination. Discard tips after use.
  4. Place Amelogen Plus in incremental layers applying the first layer approximately 0.5 – 1.5mm thick and cure. Follow with 2mm increments curing after each increment. If curing with VALO or another high quality curing light (>600mW/cm2), cure each layer 20 seconds. For lights with an output
  5. After final increment is placed, sculpt and light cure.
  6. Shape and define the final anatomy using finishing diamonds or multi-fluted carbide burs. Finish and polish with polishing disks, cups, points or brushes.

A composite sealer can be placed over restoration according to manufacturer’s instructions to increase surface hardness and reduce surface wear.

Precautions and Warnings:

  1. Read and understand all instructions before using product.
  2. For daily use, store at room temperature. Refrigerate bulk storage.
  3. Use a quality curing light to ensure maximum physical properties of the composite. Uncured material will result in an inferior restoration and may also cause pulpal irritation.
  4. Clinician and patient should wear UV protective eyewear when curing composite.
  5. To lessen pre-polymerization of the composite, minimize exposure to bright lights during the procedure.
  6. To optimize bond to each succeeding layer, do not remove oxygen inhibition layer between incremental layers of composite.
  7. Ensure composite is totally polymerized between layers and interproximally.
  8. Syringes are not intended for intraoral use.
  9. Resins can be sensitizing. Avoid repeated contact of uncured dental resin with skin. Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to acrylates or other resins. If allergic reaction, dermatitis or rash develops, consult a physician.amelogen plus
  10. Syringe caps should be immediately replaced after dispensing composite to prevent polymerization from ambient light.
  11. Disinfect syringes with an intermediate level disinfectant between uses.
  12. Properly dispose of syringes and compules.
  13. Keep away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.
  14. Do not use after expiration date noted on containers.


  • 1 x Tab of each shade: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A5, B1, C2, OW, EW, EN, EG, TW, TG, and TO





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