Apexit Plus – root canal sealer

Apexit Plus is an insoluble, radiopaque calcium hydroxide cement for the permanent obturation of root canals in combination with gutta-percha points.

It does not shrink during setting and demonstrates excellent physical and bioogical properties.

ApexitPlus is a two-component system.

Base and activator are supplied in double-push syringes with a static mixing device.


  • Permanent obturation following vital pulp extirpation
  • Permanent obturation following the removal of a gangrenous pulp and placement of intracanal disinfectant dressings
  • Permanent obturation in cases with external and internal root resorption Apexit Plus is suitable for use in the single cone and lateral condensation technique, as well as in all techniques involving heat-softened gutta-percha.


  • Retrograde obturation
  • Do not use Apexit Plus in patients with a known allergy to any of the product’s ingredients.

Side Effects

Avoid contact of Apexit Plus with the skin / mucous membranes and the eyes. Unset Apexit Plus may cause slight irritations.


The setting time of Apexit Plus in the root canal is dependent upon the availability of moisture. The setting reaction can progress very quickly in canals which have been inadequately dried. The amount of moisture required for the setting reaction reaches the root canal by means of the dentinal tubules. The material begins to set at the apex, as dentin is thinnest in this region and the apical foramen admits additional moisture. Thus even when using Apexit Plus, make sure to thoroughly dry the root canal system prior to performing the obturation. Outside the mouth, on the mixing pad, Apexit Plus may remain soft for several days, depending on the ambient humidity.

apexit plus

Application Apexit Plus

Remove the cap of the double-push syringe by turning it 1/4 turn counter clock-wise (discard the cap, do not re-use it!) and replace it with a mixing tip. If the double-push syringe has been used before, replace the used mixing tip with a new one just before dispensing Apexit Plus. Insert the mixing tip. Push the tip completely down until the notch of the mixing tip is aligned with that of the double-push syringe. Secure the mixing tip in place by gripping the coloured base and turning it 1/4 turn clock-wise. The double-push syringe contains pre-dosed amounts of Apexit Plus base and activator, which are automatically mixed and dispensed when the two components are extruded.

You may either pick up the mixed material directly with a lentulo spiral filler and spin it into the canal,or introduce the material into the canal with the Intra-Oral Root Canal Tips, and then use the lentulo to spin it up the canal to the apical area. Subsequently, the root canal is filled in a conventional manner using gutta-percha points or warm gutta-percha.

At room temperature and medium humidity, Apexit Plus remains soft for several hours after mixing and dispensing. This permits obturation of multiple canals with a single mix. The setting time of Apexit Plus is between three and five hours. In very dry canals, or in situations where the sealer layer is thicker than usual (e.g. when the single cone technique is used), the setting time can be more than ten hours. Further treatment steps may be performed with any suitable material. Further manipulation of the root canal sytem, such as the insertion of an endodontic post or anapicectomy should not be done prior to 24 hours following root canal obturation.

Apexit Plus does not contain any pharmaceutical substances such as corticoids, antibiotics or formaldehyde-based preparations

Thus apical foci of inflammation are not masked by the antiphlogistic and immunosuppressive effect of these additives. To avoid postoperative sensitivity in the event of an infected canal, however, antibacterial root canal dressings should be placed prior to applying Apexit Plus. Should postoperative sensitivity occur, it should cease after a maximum of 48 hours.

Storage and shelf life

  • Do not use Apexit Plus after the indicated date of expiration.
  • As Apexit Plus is temperature insensitive, it may either be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator (2 to 28 °C/ 36 to 83 °F).
  • Leave the used mixing tip on the syringe. Do not replace it with a new one until right before the next use. Do not re-use the original cap!
  • Shelf life: see expiration date

Delivery form

  • Refill
    2 double push syringes, 6 g each
    15 mixing tips
  • Refill Mixing Tips
    15 mixing tips
  • Refill Intra Canal Tips
    15 Intra Canal Tips

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