Scotchbond Universal – adhesive 3M ESPE

Scotchbond Universal is a single-component, light-curing adhesive which is available in L-Pop blisters for single dosing or in bottles for multiple doses. Depending on the indication, the adhesive is used: In a “self-etching” procedure to enable the shortest possible treatment…

OptiBond Solo Plus – adhesive system Kerr

OptiBond Solo Plus is 15% filled with 0.4 micron barium glass (also found in the Kerr Point 4 composite). This unique technology provides the highest level of protection against microleakage, while sustaining high bond strengths to a variety of surfaces.…

G-aenial Bond – one component self-etching light-cured adhesive

G-aenial Bond - one component self-etching light-cured adhesive. For use only by a dental professional in the recommended indications. Recommended indications 1. Bonding of light cured composites and acid modified composites (compomers) to tooth structure. 2. Bonding of dual cured…

OptiBond XTR – dental adhesive system

OptiBond XTR is a two-component self-etch universal adhesive system including a self-etch PRIMER and a universal ADHESIVE. The OptiBond XTR PRIMER provides effective etching to enamel and dentin without the need for a separate phosphoric acid etch, thus simplifying the bonding procedure. The OptiBond XTR…

Futurabond U – dual-cure universal adhesive in single dose delivery system

Futurabond U is a dental adhesive for use with methacrylate-based restorative, core build-up or luting materials. It can be applied with phosphoric acid etching (selective enamel etching or totaletch) of the dental hard tissue as well as without (self-etch). Futurabond U contains…