Futurabond U – dual-cure universal adhesive in single dose delivery system

Futurabond U is a dental adhesive for use with methacrylate-based restorative, core build-up or luting materials. It can be applied with phosphoric acid etching (selective enamel etching or totaletch) of the dental hard tissue as well as without (self-etch). Futurabond U contains…

Prime&Bond NT – dental adhesive

Prime&Bond NT Adhesive is a light cure self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond light cured composite and compomer materials to enamel and dentin as well as to metals and ceramic. Prime&Bond NT Adhesive combines primer and adhesive in a single container. The…

GLUMA Comfort Bond – bonding agent Heraeus Kulzer

Gluma Comfort Bond is a light curing, single component bonding agent for use incombination with adhesive restorations. Gluma Comfort Bond was developed forbonding composite, compomer and Polyglas resins to the tooth structure as well as for bonding amalgams and indirect restorations (e.g.…