Estelite Sigma Quick – resin-based dental restorative material

Estelite Sigma Quick is a dental light-cured, radiopaque, submicron filled composite resin for use in anterior and posterior restorations and is indicated for all carious classes. Estelite Sigma Quick contains 82% by weight (71% by volume) of silica-zirconia filler and composite filler. A…

Super-Cor – Universal Light-Cured Microhybrid Composite

Super-Cor is a light-cured microhybrid composite for the restorative treatment of anterior and posterior teeth. The inorganic filler loading is 59 % by volume with an average particle size of 0.6 microns. Super-Cor composite is delivered in traditional syringes and is…

Amelogen Plus – resin composite restorative material

Amelogen Plus is a tooth shade resin composite material (Bis-GMA based) to be used for posterior and anterior tooth restorations. Amelogen Plus is radiopaque and available in multiple Vita shades. It is 76% filled by weight and 61% filled by volume and has an…

Evicrol – composite filling material

Evicrol - composite filling material Composition: powder component: silanized silicon dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, pigments liquid componet: Elaxy B Characteristics: Bi-component filling composite for the construction of durable aesthetic fillings. Available in four colour shades (basic shade No 21 three additional shades…

Venus Diamond – universal light curing nano hybrid composite

Venus Diamond - universal light curing nano hybrid composite, radio-opaque. Is a light curing, radio-opaque nano composite. It is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth coloured restorations. It is suitable for anterior and posterior applications. Due to the excellent material properties,…