Devitec – paste for pulp devitalization

Devitec - devitalizing paste, arsenic free. Paste for pulp devitalization. Devitec should be used when a medicated preparation for pulp devitalization is advisable and when an arsenic-free preparation is preferred. The active ingredient is Polyoxymethylene, a coagulant which acts on…

Metapaste – calcium hydroxide with barium sulfate

Metapaste - calcium hydroxide with barium sulfate. Water soluble temporary root canal fillimg material. Applications Exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy. Leakage canal Apexification. Formation of hard tissue barrier. Root canal filling material. Metapaste - Directions for use Clean and dry it,…

RC Prep – root canal preparation cream

RC Prep contains EthylenediamineTetraacetic Acid. The chelating ability of this product will help remove the calcium salts from pulp stones and from the walls of the root canal. This action aids in the cleansing and shaping of the canal. RC…

ProTaper Universal Rotary Files – popular endodontic Nickel Titanium system

ProTaper Universal is the new version of the most popular endodontic Nickel Titanium system in the world. Application field: shaping and cleaning of the root canal system. + E a s i e r Only one instrument sequence whatever the…

Acroseal – root canal filling material by sealing gutta percha points

Acroseal is a calcium hydroxide-based cement, made up of two components – a BASE paste and a CATALYST paste – and designed for the permanent filling of root canals by sealing up gutta percha points. Acroseal contains no eugenol. Composition Base: Hexamethylene tetramine, bismuth…