Finishing & Polishing

Sof-Lex – finishing and polishing systems

The Sof-Lex Disc System has been shown to impart an excellent polish to composites, microfilled materials, amalgams, and semiprecious and precious metals. The Sof-Lex Strip system, because of the thin, flexible backing and center gapped abrasive can be successfully and…

Depural Neo – polishing paste without fluorine

Depural Neo is a cleaning and polishing paste without fluorine. Slightly abrasive Depural Neo paste is intended for professional tooth cleaning in a dental surgery. It is used for final cleaning and polishing of tooth surface after prophylactic as well as therapeutic…

Enhance – finishing and polishing system

The Enhance Finishers (Discs, Cups and Points) are pre-mounted, single use, aluminum oxide impregnated, cured urethane dimethacrylate resin finishers designed for preparing composite surfaces for their final polish. When used as directed, this system will yield a smooth, contoured surface with pre-polished surface…