Medical Preparations

Tooth Mousse – dental topical cream with bio-available calcium and phosphate

Tooth Mousse - topical cream with bio-available calcium and phosphate. Tooth Mousse is a water based creme containing RECALDENT™* (CPP-ACP: Casein Phosphopeptide - Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). When CPP-ACP is applied in the oral environment, it will bind to biofilms, plaque,…

Consepsis Scrub – Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Slurry

Consepsis Scrub is a lightly flavored 2.0% (relative to liquid component) chlorhexidine gluconate disinfecting scrub. Consepsis Scrub is used for removal of residual temporary cement prior to permanent cementation and/or for cleaning debris while disinfecting. Consepsis Scrub - directions for Use: For…

Fissurit FX – highly filled light-curing fissure sealant

Fissurit FX is a white, light-curing fissure sealant with fluorides and high filler content (> 50%). Fissures should be sealed as soon as the eruption of the tooth allows treatment and a dry work field can be secured. After drying,…

Enamelast – 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

Enamelast Fluoride Varnish is a flavored, xylitol-sweetened 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier delivered in a 1.2 mi syringe or in a 0.4 ml unit dose blister pack. Enamelast Fluoride Varnish is 5% sodium fluoride in a varnish carrier which produces…

Flor-Opal – Sustained-Release Fluoride Gel

Flor-Opal is a unique, sustained-release, 0.5% fluoride ion in a sticky, viscous gel to be used with a custom tray. Flor-Opal is a clear, nearly tasteless, high-viscosity sticky gel with a pH of ~6.5. Flor-Opal is designed for use whenever topical fluoride application is desired…