Medical Preparations

Calcimol – calcium hydroxide paste

Calcimol is a self-curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste. Indications: is intended for indirect pulp capping and as a liner under dental filling materials. Presentation: base 13 g, catalyst 11 g Instructions for use Calcimol Mix equal quantities of Calcimol base and catalyst…

Calcicur – calcium hydroxide paste

Calcicur is a radiopaque, ready-to-use water-based calcium hydroxide paste with a pH value of >12.5. Indirect capping for the treatment of caries profunda. Direct capping when the pulp is opened or a pulpotomy is performed. Lining of cavities to prevent exposure…

Alveogyl – eugenol impregnated alveolar dressing

Alveogyl is a paste for alveolar surgical dressing after tooth extractions, with Penghawar fibers. The paste promotes haemostasis by compression and protects from superinfection (alveolar osteitis) by its barrier effect. Composition Alveogyl: penghawar djambi, eugenol, sodium lauryl sulphate, calcium carbonate,…