Ultracare – Oral Anesthetic Gel

Ultracare is a 20% benzocaine w/v (oral anesthetic gel) preparation in a water-soluble glycol base. It is available in 30ml bottles, 1.2ml single dose syringes, and in 30ml IndiSpense container syringes. Special flavoring and sweetening agents are incorporated to render flavors…

Seek and Sable Seek – Caries Indicator

Sable Seek caries indicator contains FD&C dyes in an aqueous glycol base that stain carious dentin greenish black. Seek caries indicator contains D&C dyes in a glycol base that stain carious dentin red. For practical purposes, Seek and Sable Seek will identify caries in difficult-to-see places;…

OraSeal Caulking and Putty

OraSeal Caulking and OraSeal Putty are specially designed, cellulose-based caulking and block-out materials that are syringe delivered through a White Mac tip. OraSeal Caulking will adhere to a wet rubber dam, gingival and mucosal tissues, and teeth. It will adhere under…