Consepsis Scrub – Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Slurry

consepsis scrub
Consepsis Scrub is a lightly flavored 2.0% (relative to liquid component) chlorhexidine gluconate disinfecting scrub.

Consepsis Scrub is used for removal of residual temporary cement prior to permanent cementation and/or for cleaning debris while disinfecting.

Consepsis Scrub – directions for Use:

For 1.2 pre-filled syringes:

  • Remove Luer Lock cap.
  • Securely attach working tip of choice to the syringe (White Mac Tip is recommended).
  • Verify the color and consistency of the product flow before applying by expressing a small amount onto a mixing pad or gauze. Discard any clear liquid that is expresssed.
  • Replace the tip with the Luer cap after use.

For 30mL IndiSpense syringe:

  • Remove Luer Lock cap from IndiSpense syringe.
  • Attach a 1.2 syringe to the male threads of the IndiSpense syringe.
  • Depress the IndiSpense plunger while guiding the 1.2ml syringe plunger outward until the desired amount has beenn dispensed.
  • Separate syringes and re-cap IndiSpense syringe with Luer cap.
  • Securely attach the working tip (White Mac Tip is recommended) to the 1.2ml syringe.

Direct placement instructions:

Express Consepsis Scrub directly to the tooth being treated or into rubber cup.

NOTE: If tooth is not anesthetized, warm the syringe under hot tap water for approximately 10 seconds before applying

Scour with the rubber cup or StarBrush at a slow speed until preparatioon is clean.

Rinse and dry prepared area.

Proceed with restorative placement taking care to avoid saliva contamination.

Precautions and Warnings:

  1. For Professional use only. Use only as directed.
  2. Carefully read and understand all instructions before using.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. Confirm that patient has no known allergies to product ingredients.
  5. Re-cap with the Luer Lock cap. To avoid cross contamination, disinfect and wipe syringe with an intermediate level disinfectant between uses or use a disposable syringe cover.
  6. Dispose of tip and empty syringe properly. To avoid cross-contamination, tips should not be re-used.
  7. Verify flow of all syringes prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check. Use only recommended tips. To avoid cross contamination, do not re-use tips.
  8. Verify the color and consistency of the product flow before applying by expressing a small amount onto a mixing pad or gauze. Discard any clear liquid that is expressed.
  9. Store at room temperature.
  10. Do not use after expiration date noted on syringe.

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