File-Eze – EDTA Chelating & Filing Lubricant

File-Eze is a 19% EDTA dentin chelating agent in an aqueous, watersoluble solution with a lubricating base.

Use File-Eze to aid in instrumentation and debridement of root canals.

Peroxide-free; will not affect the set of resin sealers​.

The following lubricants contain peroxides that are not compatible with EndoREZ®: EndoGel,* EndoSequence,* Glyde,* ProLube,* RC-Prep,* and SlickGel ES.*.

Procedure File-Eze:

Preliminary Steps:
A. IndiSpense system delivery:

  1. The prelabeled unit dose File-Eze syringe is attached to the end of the large, no-waste IndiSpense syringe by turning the Luer Lock of the unit dose syringe snugly onto the male thread of the IndiSpense.file-eze
  2. Depress plunger of IndiSpense syringe with palm of hand while stabalizing the unit dose syringe at the plunger with the non-dominant hand. Slightly pull on plunger of unit dose syringe to facilitate loading. Do not express contents of unit dose syringe back into IndiSpense syringe. To prevent cross-contamination, a used syringe should not be reattached to the IndiSpense syringe.
  3. Place cap on unit dose syringe if not using immediately, or attach a Mini tip and cover with Ultradent’s TipSoc covers. 4.When ready for use, continue with procedure steps 1-4.

B. Preloaded 1.2ml syringe delivery:

  1. Remove Luer Lock cap from the syringe.
  2. Twist a NaviTip firmly onto the syringe. For optimal control, hold syringe with plunger in palm of hand, instead of in conventional manner with thumb on plunger.
    Figs. 1&2 A 1.2ml unit dose syringe is twisted firmly onto the IndiSpense syringe. While supporting plunger of unit dose syringe with the non-dominant hand, depress plunger of IndiSpense and fill unit dose syringe to desired level.


  1. The NaviTip can be used to deliver File-Eze directly into the canal opening, as shown in Fig. 3. When the canal is difficult to find, start by placing point of file into canal opening prior to introducing File-Eze to pulp chamber (or onto file.) Visibility is not impaired.
  2. Once canal opening is engaged, express File-Eze through tip into canal to no more than half the working length. As an alternative, a small amount of File-Eze can be placed directly onto file as seen in Fig. 4.
  3. File-Eze is only used with the first two or three instruments. A thorough amount of sodium hypochlorite is used during entire instrumentation and cleansing procedure, alternating with liquid EDTA between each file.
  4. File-Eze is irrigated and rinsed from canal, similar to other root canal preparations; ChlorCid sodium hypochlorite solution is recommended. A slight effervescent cleansing action occurs when
    ChlorCid contacts residual File-Eze, which helps remove extraneous material from canal.


  1. Deliver only to canal orifice. Do not express material with pressure up canal past apical foreamen.
  2. Tips are disposed after use.
  3. Clean and disinfect syringes between patients.
  4. NaviTips do not have a side port hole. Do not express past apex.

General Precautions:

  1. For professional use only.
  2. Review instructions, precautions, and MSDS before beginning treatment. Use only as directed.
  3. Keep products out of heat/sunlight.
  4. Avoid skin exposure to resins.
  5. Isolate strong chemicals to area of treatment.
  6. Confirm that patient has no known allergies to treatment materials.
  7. Test flow of materials from syringe and tip before using intraorally.
  8. Never force syringe plungers.
  9. Use Ultradent syringe covers and/or clean and disinfect syringes between patients.


  • 4 x 1.2ml File-Eze syringes
  • 1 x 30ml IndiSpense syringe
  • 4 x 1.2ml File-Eze syringes
    20 x NaviTip tips (Assorted 30ga – 5 of each length)





*Trademarks of a company other than Ultradent.

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