Flor-Opal – Sustained-Release Fluoride Gel

Flor-Opal is a unique, sustained-release, 0.5% fluoride ion in a sticky, viscous gel to be used with a custom tray.

Flor-Opal is a clear, nearly tasteless, high-viscosity sticky gel with a pH of ~6.5.

Flor-Opal is designed for use whenever topical fluoride application is desired via take-home tray (e.g., prevention of root caries, treatment of periodontal conditions, following bleaching procedures, root sensitivity).

Contents: 20 x 1.2ml Flor-Opal syringes with tips.


  1. Read and understand instructions before using or dispensing to patients.
  2. Fabricate tray to meet patient’s needs. See laboratory instructions (page 2) or send the working cast/model and prescription order form to Ultradent. Areas of sensitivity should be indicated on the
    cast before sending the model. If patient already has a custom bleaching tray, instruct them to apply Flor-Opal in the same manner as the bleaching gel.
    Note: Trays made only for Flor-Opal may be constructed without scalloping; however, one should scallop trays made for Opalescence bleaching.
  3. Flor-Opal is dispensed in 1.2ml unit dose syringes. An application of a complete arch should use most of the contents of one unit dose syringe. Tray is loaded by running gel on underside of occlusal and incisal areas.
  4. The length and number of times the tray is worn depends on the condition, the patient, and the clinician. Recommended treatment times generally range from 2 to 8 hours. Wearing the tray at night may be suggested since the gel generally stays active in the tray 8-10 hours because of slower muscle and salivary activity at night. Gel usually lasts 4-6 hours with daytime activity.
  5. Tray should be removed at meal times. Following tray removal, patient should brush and rinse with water. DO NOT swallow solution during rinsing. Wash tray and store in a tray storage case. Fresh gel should be used for each application.
  6. Gel may be warmed before placing in tray to avoid thermal sensitivity.

Flor-Opal – Laboratory Instructions:

Pour and trim cast as you would for a standard bleaching tray. Apply 0.5-1.0mm of Ultradent LC Block-Out Resin to a clean, dry cast.Flor-Opal

Cure LC Block-Out for ~2 minutes in a light curing unit. A hand-held intraoral light (VALO or another high quality curing light (output > 600mw/cm2)) can be used. Light cure 20 seconds using a scanning motion over the arch. Carefully check resin cure by tapping the surface of the resin with an instrument. Wipe off oxygen inhibition layer.

With vacuum former (Ultra-Form or EconoForm), heat a Sof-Tray sheet until it sags ~1 inch. Activate vacuum and adapt softened plastic over mold. Cool and remove model.

Cut excess bulk of material away with Ultra-Trim scalloping scissors.

Trim excess tray material. Contour the tray margin to avoid frenum attachments, tori, and similar anatomical structures.

Return tray to model; check tray extensions. Gently flame polish edges one quadrant at a time (Blazer Micro Torch).

While still warm, hold periphery of each segment firmly against model for 3 seconds with water-moistened finger. If an area is short of the desired length, gently heat and push the tray material to the desired location. If this material thins too much, a new tray should be fabricated.


  1. If any problems occur, have the patient discontinue treatment and notify the dentist.
  2. Patients should not swallow large volumes of Flor-Opal gel. Excess at insertion and residue upon removal should be brushed off and rinsed; DO NOT swallow.
  3. Keep out of heat and sunlight at all times. Flor-Opal should be stored at room temperature.
  4. Not intended for use by pregnant women.






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