OpalDam and OpalDam Green – unique, light-reflective, passively adhesive (sealing) light cured resins

OpalDam and OpalDam Green are unique, light-reflective, passively adhesive (sealing) light cured resins.

Their methacrylate base is designed with adequate strength to maintain a barrier, yet removes easily from embrasures and undercuts.

The contrasting green color of OpalDam Green shows its location on the gingiva and teeth for more effective coverage.

Protects soft tissue with impervious seal. Viscous solution is easy to apply. Light-reflective properties focus heat away from the teeth and gingiva for patient comfort. Applies directly​

Isolation Procedure OpalDam:

  1. Remove luer lock cap and attach a disposable tip securely onto syringe.
  2. Place self-supporting plastic cheek retractors. Completely rinse and air dry teeth, paying special attention to the gingival third.
    Note: When isolating the mandibular arch, prevent saliva from flowing through embrasures of anterior teeth by using saliva ejector and cotton rolls in the sublingual region. Express the OpalDam Green through the embrasures, onto cingulums, and on adjacent gingiva. Light cure 20 seconds using a scanning motion.
  3. Express OpalDam / OpalDam Green resin to build a 4-6mm by 1.5-2mm thick strip onto gingiva. Lap approximately 0.5mm onto enamel (Fig. 1). Extend resin beyond the last tooth to be bleached. Where open embrasure(s) exist, express resin through the opening onto lingual, filling embrasure space completely. This will protect interdental papilla and lingual gingival tissue. Resin buttons extending through gingival embrasures add retention to OpalDam / OpalDam Green barrier.
  4. When protecting a full arch, light cure the resin barrier on standard mode using a scanning motion for 20 seconds and keeping the lens approximately 1cm from the barrier and tissue. When protecting tissue adjacent to fewer teeth, scan the barrier for approximately 3-5 seconds per tooth. With a dental instrument, carefully check resin for a full cure. (Fig. 2).

Clean Up Procedure:

  1. After thoroughly vacuuming off whitening gel, rinse teeth with air/water syringe and vacuum. Lift barrier from surface using an explorer or instrument. All
    or large pieces will usually lift off at one time (Fig. 3).
  2. Remove interproximally using explorer and/or floss. Rinse interproximally with firm air/ water spray.



  • For Professional use only.
  • Review instructions, precautions, and MSDS before beginning treatment. Use only as directed.
  • Do not use OpalDam / OpalDam Green on patients with known sensitivity to resins, especially methacrylates. If dermatitis, rash or any other allergic reaction develops, wash area with lots of water and refer patient to a physician.
  • Material is not to be injected.
  • Keep products out of heat/sunlight.
  • Check material flow on an inert surface (e.g., mixing pad) to ensure evenness of flow before using intraorally. If resistance is felt, DO NOT proceed. Attach a new tip and test again before using on patient.
  • Gingival and oral health should be confirmed before using this product.
  • If bubbles reoccur along the margin of the OpalDam / OpalDam Green, rinse off gel and check for leakage. Lightly dry area and re-apply OpalDam Green. If problem persists, remove dam and re-apply.
  • We recommend using Ultradent Syringe Covers for a protective barrier to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Use only a quality curing light when polymerizing the resin.
  • Dispose of tips and syringe properly.
  • When protecting a full arch, light cure the resin barrier on standard mode using a scanning motion for 20 seconds and keeping the lens approximately 1cm from the barrier and tissue. When protecting tissue adjacent to fewer teeth, scan the barrier for approximately 3-5 seconds per tooth. With a dental instrument, carefully check resin for a full cure.


  • 4 x 1.2ml syringes
  • 10 x Micro 20ga tips
  • 10 x Black Mini tips

Ultradent Products Inc.

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