Opalescence Boost 40% – In-Office Power Bleach

Opalescence Boost 40%Opalescence Boost 40% is a 40% hydrogen peroxide, medical power bleaching gel. The jet mix syringe ensures freshness for each application and precise dosing of the activator.

One barrel contains a unique chemical activation with sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate, which have been demonstrated to reduce caries susceptibility, lower sensitivity, and improve enamel microhardness.

The other barrel contains the concentrated hydrogen peroxide. When mixed, Opalescence Boost results in a 1.1% fluoride and 3% potassium nitrate concentration.

OpalDam Green is a unique, light-reflective, passively adhesive (sealing) light cured resin. Its methacrylate base is designed with sufficient strength to maintain a barrier yet is easily removed from embrasures and undercuts.

Opalescence Boost – indications for Use:

Opalescence Boost 40% power bleaching is for medical in-office use only. It is applied by the dentist for bleaching one or more teeth, parts of a tooth, and/or for accelerated chairside whitening techniques. Opalescence Boost is also used on nonvital teeth, including in-office intracoronal bleaching. Opalescence Boost is an alternative, conservative method for treating dark, internally discolored teeth (compared to crowns, veneers, etc.) caused by disease, injury, or medical treatment such as congenital, systemic, metabolic, pharmacological, traumatic, or iatrogenic factors such as dental fluorosis, jaundice, tetracycline, and adult minocycline stains, porphyria, trauma, and erythroblastosis fetalis.

Because restorative materials will not whiten, it is recommended that teeth are whitened prior to placing esthetic restorations (wait two weeks after bleaching procedures before placing adhesive restorations). Our experience shows that most treated teeth continue to whiten 12 to 24 hours after whitening treatment is completed. Bleaching problematic teeth to a more natural shade will optimize restorative shade matching.

Use Opalescence Boost alone or in conjunction with the dentistsupervised Opalescence Cosmetic Bleaching System. OpalDam Green is used to protect soft tissue adjacent to the teeth during in-office bleaching, microabrasion, etc.

opalescence boost foto

Preliminary Procedures:

  1. Clean and polish teeth approximately two weeks prior to bleaching appointment.
  2. Determine and record baseline shade. Use photographs when indicated for baseline documentation.
  3. Prior to mixing, bring Opalescence Boost to room temperature.
  4. WARNING: Patient, clinician and assistant must wear protective eyewear and gloves when mixing and applying this product.

Directions for Use:

Isolation – OpalDam Green (recommended isolation):

  1. Place Ultradent Isoblock. (Fig.1)
  2. Remove Luer lock cap from OpalDam Green and securely attach a Micro 20ga tip.
  3. Verify flow prior to applying intraorally.
  4. Place self-supporting lip/cheek retractors
  5. Rinse and dry teeth thoroughly, especially the gingival third.
  6. Express a continuous bead of OpalDam Green along the gingival margin, overlapping approximately 0.5 mm on to the enamel. Begin and finish the bead one tooth beyond the most distal tooth that is being bleached.
  7. Continue building the barrier apically until it is 4-6mm high and 1.5-2.0mm thick. (Fig.2)
  8. Express resin through any open embrasures on to the lingual tissue completely sealing and covering exposed papilla.
  9. Using the mouth mirror, look up the long axis of the teeth and re-apply resin to any minute openings.
  10. Light cure 20 seconds per arch using a scanning motion. Carefully check resin cure with an instrument. (Fig.3)

Opalescence Boost 40%

Isolation – Rubber Dam

  1. Apply rubber dam placing ligated clamps bi-laterally and one tooth distally to the teeth to be whitened.
  2. Before attaching rubber dam to the frame, apply a bead of rubber dam sealer or light-cured resin barrier at the gingival margin beneath the dam.
  3. Attach dam to the frame and invert rubber dam at the gingival border. Check for optimum seal.

Mixing Opalescence Boost

  1. Check that syringes are securely attached before mixing. Follow pictorial diagram included in this kit.
  2. Depress the red plunger forcing the contents of the red syringe into the clear syringe.
  3. Quickly and forcefully, depress the small clear plunger into the middle small clear syringe to rupture internal membrane and combine bleach and activator.
  4. Continue depressing the clear plunger so all gel is in the red syringe.
  5. Reverse the action and mix a minimum of 50 times (25 on each side). (Fig.4)
  6. Press all mixed gel into the RED syringe.
  7. Twist to separate the two syringes and attach the Micro 20g FX tip onto the red syringe.

NOTE: Mixed Opalescence Boost expires after ten (10) days if refrigerated.
Applying Opalescence Boost

  1. On gauze or mixing pad, verify flow of all syringes prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check. Use only recommended tips. NOTE: If resistance continues, DO NOT use that syringe and contact Ultradent Customer Service for replacement.
  2. Apply a 0.5-1.0mm thick layer of gel to the labial surface of the tooth and slightly onto the incisal/ occlusal surfaces. (Fig.5)
  3. Allow gel to remain on the teeth 20 minutes, periodically checking and re-applying areas that have thinned or need replenishing.
  4. Suction gel from teeth using the Luer Vac and SST™ (Surgical Suction Tip) or a surgical suction tip. To avoid gel splatter, do not use water while suctioning gel. Use caution not to dislodge the isolation barrier or rubber dam seal. (Fig.6)
  5. Evaluate shade change after each application and monitor patient for sensitivity and irritation. If continued tooth sensitivity or soft tissue irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 two times, or until desired results are achieved. Do not exceed 3 applications per visit.
  7. If additional whitening is desired and no significant sensitivity is noted, re-schedule patient in 3-5 days for repeat treatment.


  1. Suction gel from teeth using the Luer Vac and SST™ (Surgical Suction Tip) or a surgical suction tip then thoroughly rinse teeth with an air/water spray and the high volume suction. (Fig.7)
  2. Using a dental instrument, gently slide the tip beneath the OpalDam Green and lift off. Check and remove any interproximal remnants. (Fig.8)
  3. If using a rubber dam, follow Clean-up Step 1, remove clamps, dam, and frame.
  4. Remove rubber dam sealer with spatula, soft toothbrush, floss, suction and firm air/water spray.

Opalescence Boost


  • A single, few, or a partial tooth can be bleached using this same instruction and applying the bleach only to those specific areas of discoloration.
  • For post-op sensitivity, use potassium nitrate products such as UltraEZ immediately after treatment and for 15 minutes to 1 hour per day until sensitivity subsides.
  • For additional cosmetic whitening, wait 24 – 48 hours after Boost treatment before beginning a take-home whitening system such as Opalescence GO.
  • Etching enamel before any bleaching procedure is not recommended and does not potentiate the bleaching process.

Opalescence Boost mixing

Endodontically Treated Teeth:

  1. Check radiograph for alveolar crest height.
  2. Completely remove all filling material from the pulp chamber.
  3. Place a 1-2mm glass ionomer or resin modified glass ionomer filling on pulpal floor at or coronally to the alveolar crest height. Filling material should be thick enough to completely seal the obturation orifices and material.
  4. Follow “Isolation” instructions above isolating both the labial and lingual sides of the tooth.
  5. Follow the “Mixing” instructions above.
  6. Verify flow prior to applying intraorally.
  7. Express into access opening and the labial surface.
  8. Allow gel to remain in the tooth 10 minutes.
  9. Suction gel from access opening and tooth using the Luer Vac and SST™ (Surgical Suction Tip) or a surgical suction tip. To avoid gel splatter, do not use water while suctioning gel. Use caution not to dislodge the isolation barrier or rubber dam seal.
  10. When no gel is visible, lightly rinse and air dry. Use caution not to dislodge the isolation barrier or rubber dam seal.
  11. Evaluate shade change and repeat steps 7-11.
  12. If desired results are not achieved after 3 applications, discontinue treatment.
  13. Follow “Clean-up” instructions to remove gingival barriers.
  14. Seal access with a non-eugenol provisional restorative.
  15. Wait 2 weeks before final bonding or placing esthetic restoration.


  • If additional whitening is desired, Opalescence Endo walking bleach is recommended.
  • Regression of whitening should be expected. Compensate by slightly over bleaching the tooth.

Precautions and Warnings:

  1. Clinician and patient must wear protective eyewear with side shields when mixing and applying Boost
  2. Carefully read and understand MSDS and all instructions before using.
  3. Bring syringes to room temperature before mixing.
  4. Verify flow of all syringes prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check. If resistance continues, DO NOT use that syringe and contact Ultradent Customer Service for replacement.
  5. Use only recommended tips.
  6. Keep out of reach of children.
  7. Wear protective gloves when handling this product.
  8. Gingival and oral health should be confirmed before using this product.
  9. Before disposing of syringes, aspirate water into the syringe to dilute and remove all residual bleaching gel. Dispose of liquid into a drain or toilet followed by 2-3 quarts/liters of water. DO NOT dispose of syringes in waste containers containing burnable materials (paper products, rubber, etc) as spontaneous combustion can result. Rinse used gauze with water.
  10. Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to peroxides, glycols, acrylates or other resins. If allergic reaction, dermatitis or rash develops, consult a physician.
  11. Complete all restorative treatment prior to treatment.
  12. If bubbles reoccur along the margin of the OpalDam Green, rinse off gel and check for leakage. Lightly dry area and re-apply OpalDam Green. If problem persists, remove dam and re-apply.
  13. Cover any sensitive areas of exposed dentin.
  14. Areas of hypocalcification, though not clinically visible, may exist and will whiten quicker than surrounding enamel. As patient continues to whiten, the areas will begin to blend.
  15. Material is not to be injected.
  16. Refrigerate product when not in use.
  17. Keep out of direct heat and/or sunlight.
  18. Mixed gel can be saved and used within 10 days. Re-connect syringes, disinfect by wiping syringe with an intermediate level disinfectant between uses.
  19. Dispose of tips and syringe properly


  • 20 x 1.2ml Opalescence Boost /Activator syringes
  • 4 x 1.2ml Opalescence Boost/Activator syringes
    2 x 1.2ml OpalDam Green syringes
    2 x IsoBlocks
    2 x Shade guide cards
    2 x Luer Vacuum Adapters
    2 x SST tips
    10 x Micro 20ga tips
    10 x Micro 20ga FX tips
  • 2 x 1.2ml Opalescence Boost/Activator syringes
    1 x 1.2ml OpalDam Green syringe
    1 x IsoBlock
    1 x Shade guide card
    5 x Micro 20ga tips
    5 x Micro 20ga FX tips

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