PermaQuick – Two-Part Bonding System


PermaQuick Primer is a tissue kind, ethyl alcohol, one part primer which contains natural resins that aid penetration of hydrophilic substrates such as dentin. Cured PermaQuick Primer is somewhat elastic. It provides the optimum preparation for the PermaQuick Bonding Resin.

PermaQuick Bonding Resin is a 45% filled, fluoride releasing, light cured bonding resin that penetrates into primer treated tubules and inter-tubular spaces. PermaQuick Bonding Resin is as radiopaque as dentin.

Use PermaQuick for most bonding needs in restorative dentistry. PermaQuick is conducive for bonding to Dentin/enamel/composite, using composite or amalgam and Porcelain Metal Light cure luting.

PermaQuick – procedure:

Remove luer lock caps and attach the appropriate tip: UltraEtch: Inspiral Brush tip (some prefer the Blue Micro tip). PermaQuick Primer: Black Mini Brush tip. PermaQuick Bonding Resin: Inspiral Brush tip.


  1. Surface Preparation: Prepared dentin/enamel/composite surfaces to be bonded should be clean and isolated from contamination of soft tissues and oral fluids. A rubber dam (DermaDam) is recommended if possible.
  2. Etch: Apply Ultra-Etch onto preparation surfaces and leave for 15 seconds. Thoroughly wash to remove etch. Blow or vacuum off excess water, leaving surface slightly wet.
  3. Apply a puddled coat of PermaQuick Primer. Air thin primer to evaporate the alcohol solvent carrier (approximately 12 seconds). Light cure 20 seconds using standard halogen light or 10 seconds using high energy light.
  4. Apply a puddled coat of PermaQuck bonding resin onto primed surface. Gently air thin. Do not overthin (no dry spots, maintain a glossy surface). Light cure 20 seconds using standard halogen light or 10 seconds using high energy light.
  5. Restore:
    a. For Composite: We recommend Vit-l-escence or Amelogen composites. Build with incremental layering keeping the first layer thin (0.5 mm). Followed by 2-3 mm increments. Sculpt and shape. Polish to a luster and seal with PermaSeal composite sealer.
    b. For Amalgam: Follow steps 1-4 and condense mixed amalgam into cavity preparation. Sculpt and shape appropriately.

Note: Highest bond strengths occur when the surface has been left visibly moist; however, respectable bond strength occurs even when the dentin has been significantly dried.


Remove luer lock caps and attach the appropriate tips: Ultradent Porcelain Etch: Inspiral Brush tip. Ultradent Silane: Black Mini Brush tip.
Important Note: Before clinical procedure, dispense Porcelain Etch onto paper pad to verify and ensure evenness of flow. If there is resistance to flow, replace tip with a new one and verify flow before proceeding.

  1. Surface Preparation: Remove loose and/or thin projections of porcelain and bevel as needed. Freshen fractured surface of porcelain with medium diamond bur and/or micro-abrade.
  2. Isolate: Isolate adjacent tissues and restorations before etching. When rubber dam placement is not possible, isolation can be established with OpalDam and EtchArrest.
  3. Etch: Apply Ultradent Porcelain Etch to prepared surface. Etch 1 minute and neutralize acid with EtchArrest until bubbling stops. Rinse and dry. Etched surface should be frosty. If not, repeat Porcelain Etch step.
  4. Silanate: Brush Ultradent Silane onto etched porcelain. Leave for 1 minute, followed by air dry to evaporate any remaining carrier.
  5. Apply puddled coat of PermaQuick bonding resin onto silanated surface.

Gently air thin. Do not over-thin.
Light cure 20 seconds using a standard halogen light or 10 seconds using.





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