RC Prep – root canal preparation cream

RC Prep contains EthylenediamineTetraacetic Acid. The chelating ability of this product will help remove the calcium salts from pulp stones and from the walls of the root canal. This action aids in the cleansing and shaping of the canal.

RC Prep

RC Prep also contains urea-peroxide in a special water soluble vehicle that lubricates the canal permitting instruments to more easily enter even fine canals and reduce the incidence of breakage.

RC Prep should be reacted with sodium hypochlorite solution which reacts with the urea-peroxide. The fine bubbling produced by the liberation of oxygen floats out pulpal debris and dentin shavings. The action frees the EDTA to more readily chelate the calcium salts. The effervescent activity helps prevent packing debris into the apical area. It also helps to unclog the dentinal tubules encouraging better penetration of root canal medicaments.

Premier RC Prep used with sodium hypochlorite solution gives you these advantages:

  1. Facilitates cleansing and shaping of the Root Canal. The EDTA helps remove calcium salts from the calcifications and from the canal surface, permitting the reamers and files to more rapidly cleanse and shape the canal.
  2. Pulp Tissue – Vital and/or necrotic tissue is more easily removed from the canal when irrigated with sodium hypochlorite solution, the oxygen bubbles released from the urea peroxide float out the pulp tissue, shavings and other debris.
  3. Helps brighten the tooth if discolored in addition to its ability of digesting pulp tissue, sodium hypochlorite solution helps bleach the tooth. This process is enhanced by the oxygen liberated from the urea peroxide.
  4. Enhances the penetration of medicaments throughout the root canal system by its ability to more completely clean the canal and open the dentinal tubules.

RC Prep is dispensed in:

  • Jars of: 18g and 227g
  • One box of: 2 prefilled syringes – 9g each
  • Dispensing Pump 18g
  • MicroDose pipettes 0.2mL Qty: 100
  • 3mL syringes Qty: 5

Active Ingredients:
EthylenediamineTetraacetic Acid (EDTA) and Urea Peroxide in a water soluble glycol base.

RC Prep – Instructions for use

The tooth to be treated should be isolated with a rubber dam. The pulp chamber is opened in the usual manner with every effort made to provide adequate access to the root canal or canals.

The chamber contents are removed with sterile burs and excavators and then flushed with sodium hypochlorite solution. The pulp chamber is then filled with RC Prep. The sodium hypochlorite solution will react with the peroxide and the bubbling will help open the orifices of the canal. A fine Instrument, reamer or file, Is then introduced into the canal and using a slight pumping or mixing motion will enhance the bubbling and float out debris that is aspirated away.

The first instrument should not be placed more than half the way down the canal. This action Is then followed by gentle irrigation with sodium hypochlorite solution. The procedure is repeated adding RC Prep to the pulp chamber.This time, the instrument is carried to approximately 3/4 the distance of the canal. The mild pumping and rotation of the instrument will encourage more debris to be floated from the canal.

When a vital pulp is present, it is not unusual to see the entire pulp float to the surface or be removed with the file

After gentle irrigation, the instrument is again inserted to approximately one mm. short of the radiographic apex and an x-ray film taken to confirm the measurement. This measurement should be recorded and/or corrections made. Using this technique reduces the likelihood of inoculating the periapical tissues with the inflamed or infected contents of the canal. It helps reduce post operative discomfort and helps prevent flare ups. In teeth with two or more roots, the effervescent activity will tend to cleanse the pulp chamber and open the orifices of the canals, making it easier to find the entrance and easier to insert the root canal instruments.

Never proceed to the next size instrument until the previous instrument passes freely to the desired position in the canal. The RC Prep is used in the chamber and canals only with the first two or three sizes of instruments. The canals should be further prepared using sodium hypochlorite solution only with the next one or two instrument sizes. There Is usually enough residual activity of the RC Prep to lift out the remaining pulp tissue and debris, sodium hypochlorite solution should be used in the canals and repeatedly instrumented into the canals until all evidence of bubbling has ceased.

The canals can be dried with absorbent points and the medicaments of choice sealed into the canals and chamber of the tooth. It Is not suggested the RC Prep be sealed into the pulp chamber in the hope of opening calcified canals. Residual organic tissues might react with the peroxide and cause pressure and discomfort. Always irrigate the canals and chamber with sodium hypochlorite solution until all evidence of bubbling has ceased.


9007132 18g pump – pkg. of 10*
9007133 227g jar
9007131 18g jar – pkg. of 10*
9007135 Pkg. of two, 9g filled syringes with 1 plastic tip
pkg. of 10*
9007129 RC-Prep Syringe kit
(5) 3cc syringes and (50) tips
9007139 Metal syringe tip refill (50)
(for use with 3cc syringe)
9007127 Plastic syringe tip refill (50)





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