RelyX Luting Cement 3M ESPE

RelyX Luting cement 3M ESPE is a glass ionomer system comprised of two parts: a powder and a liquid. The powder is a radiopaque, fluoroaluminosilicate glass. The liquid is an aqueous solution of a modified polyalkenoic acid. RelyX Luting Cement provides the major benefits of glass ionomer cements – adhesion to tooth structure, fluoride release along with additional benefits of low solubility, improved fracture toughness and a low viscosity, non-stringy, slumpresistant mix.

RelyX Luting Cement

RelyX Luting Cement is a self-cure system using two darkcure reactions to provide the improved properties. RelyX Luting cement is radiopaque and is available in a white shade. The powder jar contains 16gm of material and the liquid bottle contains 9ml (11gm) of material.

RelyX Luting Cement is indicated for use when luting:

  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges to tooth structure, amalgam composite or glass ionomer core buildups
  • Metal inlays, onlays or crowns
  • Crowns made with all-alumina or all-zirconia cores such as 3M ESPE Lava or Procera® AllCeram
  • Prefabricated and cast post cementation
  • Orthodontic bands and appliances
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), metal, all-alumina or all-zirconia core restorations on implant abutments

Precautionary Information for Patients:
This product contains substances that may cause an allergic reaction by skin contact in certain individuals. Avoid use of this product in patients with known acrylate allergies. If prolonged contact with oral soft tissue occurs, flush with large amounts of water. If allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention as needed, remove the product if necessary and discontinue future use of the product.

This product contains potassium persulfate, which may produce an allergic reaction. Potassium persulfate may trigger an allergic respiratory reaction in certain individuals. This product may not be appropriate for use in those individuals with known sensitivity to sulfites, since a cross-reaction may occur with potassium persulfate.

Precautionary Information for Dental Personnel:
This product contains substances that may cause an allergic reaction by skin contact in certain individuals. To reduce the risk of allergic response, minimize exposure to these materials. In particular, avoid exposure to uncured product. If skin contact occurs, wash skin with soap and water. Use of protective gloves and a no-touch technique is recommended. Acrylates may penetrate commonly used gloves. If product contacts glove, remove and discard glove, wash hands immediately with soap and water and then re-glove. If allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention as needed.

Instructions for use RelyX Luting Cement

1. Remove the provisional restoration and all residual temporary cement.

2. Thoroughly clean the preparation with an oil-free pumice paste. Rinse with water and let dry. Note: Do not desiccate the tooth.
Desiccation of tooth structure is believed to cause post operative sensitivity in some individuals.

3. Pulp protection: Use a hard setting calcium hydroxide material with near exposures. Note: Use of some tooth preparation treatments is not recommended as their residue may adversely affect bond strength or the setting reactions (e.g.,Tubulicid Red). Contact your local 3M ESPE representative or the 3M ESPE Customer Care Center for specific details.

4. Casting preparation: Thoroughly clean interior surfaces of cast crown, inlay or onlay.

1. Dispense powder and liquid: The standard powder/liquid ratio of 1.6:1 by weight can be obtained by using an equal number of level scoops of powder and liquid drops. Three scoops of powder and three drops of liquid will provide an adequate amount of material to seat one typical crown.
1.1. Shake the jar to fluff the RelyX Luting powder before dispensing.
1.2. Insert the scoop into the jar, overfill it with loosely packed powder and withdraw it against the plastic leveler to remove excess powder and obtain a level scoop.
1.3. Dispense the desired number of powder scoops onto the mixing pad. Note: The glass ionomer powders are sensitive to high
humidity. Store with jar caps securely tightened and away from high humidity. Replace cap immediately after use.
1.4. To obtain a proper liquid drop size, hold the RelyX Luting Cement liquid vial vertically with the dropper tip down and without the tip contacting the mixing pad.
1.5. Squeeze the vial to dispense the desired number of liquid drops onto the mixing pad. Replace cap immediately after use.

2. Mixing: Using a cement spatula, mix the powder into the liquid. To minimize water evaporation and maximize working time, confine spatulation of the powder and liquid to a small area of the mixing pad. All of the powder should be incorporated into the liquid within 30 seconds.

3. Working time of the standard powder/liquid ratio is at least 2.5 minutes from the start of mix at a room temperature. Higher temperatures and vigorous spatulation will shorten working time. Lower temperatures will lengthen working time.

Note: Working time can be lengthened by using refrigerated liquid or by mixing on a cold slab.

4. Crown placement: Load the crown by spreading a layer of the cement over all the interior surfaces of the crown. Seat crown. Maintain pressure on crown to maintain position during setting process.

5. Clean up excess. Excess material can be removed when cement reaches a waxy stage after a minimum of 3 minutes from placement in the mouth (37°C or 98°F). Use a suitable instrument for this process.

Cement will set hard within 10 minutes after placement in the mouth.

Storage and Use
This product is designed to be stored and used at room temperature. Shelf life at room temperature is 24 months. Ambient temperatures routinely higher than 27°C/80°F, or lower than 10°C/50°F may reduce shelf life. See outer package for expiration date.

Glass ionomer powders are sensitive to high humidity. Store with jar caps securely tightened and away from high humidity.

  • Close Jar Lid Tightly – Moisture Sensitive Materials.
  • Use an appropriate technique that minimizes jar and scoop contact with liquid disinfectants.
  • Do not refrigerate.

Do not substitute 3M ESPE Vitremer Core Buildup/Restorative powder or liquid for RelyX Luting Cement powder or liquid.

Cleaning and Disinfection
Disinfect this product using an intermediate level disinfection process (liquid contact) as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and endorsed by the American Dental Association. Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings – MMWR, December 19, 2003:52(RR-17), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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