Seek and Sable Seek – Caries Indicator

Sable Seek
Sable Seek caries indicator contains FD&C dyes in an aqueous glycol base that stain carious dentin greenish black.

Seek caries indicator contains D&C dyes in a glycol base that stain carious dentin red.

For practical purposes, Seek and Sable Seek will identify caries in difficult-to-see places; for example, under overhanging enamel of a Class I, II, or III preparation or along the DE junction of the preparation. They will prevent over-excavating deep caries.

As deeper areas may be able to remineralize, some carious pulp exposures may be prevented. Seek is also used as a fast, easy way to locate the root canal orifice.

Procedure Sable Seek:

1. If using the IndiSpense System, proceed as follows:

a. A prelabeled unit dose syringe is attached to the end of the large, no-waste IndiSpense syringe by turning the luer lock of the unit dose syringe snugly onto the male thread of the IndiSpense, as shown in Fig. 1.

Sable Seekb. With the palm grasp, the plunger of the IndiSpense syringe is gently depressed while the unit dose syringe is stabilized at the plunger with the nondominant hand (Fig. 2). Slightly pull out plunger of unit dose syringe while expressing IndiSpense. Do not express contents of unit dose syringe back into IndiSpense. To prevent cross-contamination, a used syringe should not be reattached to the IndiSpense syringe.

c. Place a luer lock cap on unit dose syringe or attach a Mini Brush tip (use with an Ultradent TipSoc™ cover if not using immediately).

2. When ready for use, remove luer lock cap and twist the Mini Brush tip firmly onto syringe (or remove TipSoc cover if tip has been previously attached and capped). For optimum control, hold syringe with plunger in palm of hand rather than in conventional manner with thumb on plunger.

3. Paint Seek or Sable Seek on surfaces to be checked. Leave for 10 seconds, then rinse and vacuum (Fig. 4).

4. When Seek is used to identify root canals in the early stages of an endodontic procedure, a small red dot will remain at the opening of the canal orifice.

5. For caries removal, use a slow-speed round bur or excavator (Fig. 5). Repeat as needed until caries is completely removed (Fig. 6).

6. Restore area with restorative of choice. We recommend PQ1 or PermaQuick bonding agent(s) followed by Vit-lescence or Amelogen® composites.


Sable Seek

  1. Caution: Chemical may set in tip after a few hours. To avoid clogging, remove tip and re-cap with Luer Lock Caps  between each use.  Always verify material flow prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check. This does NOT apply to dual-barrel syringes and mixing tips.
  2. Tips are disposable.
  3. Avoid splattering. Stain is removed from carious areas mechanically. If dye is difficult to remove (intraorally) from areas other than caries, use a sodium hypochlorite solution such as ChlorCid® oruse hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Use care when handling Seek, as it may stain clothing. If Seek contacts clothing, remove with detergent and warm water or use white vinegar1.
  5. Clean and disinfect syringes between patients. We highly recommend using Ultradent Syringe Covers sealed with the Ultradent Impulse Sealer as a protective barrier to prevent cross contamination.

General Precautions:

  1. Caution: Chemical may set in tip after a few hours. To avoid clogging, remove tip and re-cap with Luer Lock Caps  between each use.  Always verify material flow prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check. This does NOT apply to dual-barrel syringes and mixing tips.
  2. For Professional use only.
  3. Review instructions, precautions, and MSDS before beginning treatment. Use only as directed.
  4. Keep products out of heat/sunlight.
  5. Avoid skin exposure to resins.
  6. Isolate strong chemicals to area of treatment.
  7. Confirm that patient has no known allergies to treatment materials.
  8. Test flow of materials from syringe and tip before using intraorally.
  9. Never force syringe plungers.

White vinegar has been proven effective for removing Seek/Sable Seek dye from garments, counter tops, covers, carpet, etc., regardless of color.


  • 4 x 1.2ml Sable Seek syringes
  • 20 x 1.2ml Sable Seek syringes
  • 20 x 1.2ml Seek syringes
  • 4 x 1.2ml Seek syringes

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