SonicFill – Nanohybrid Composite Restorative

SonicFill is a light-cured, low-shrink, resin-based, dental restorative designed for direct placement. It is indicated for all cavity classes in posterior teeth. SonicFill is used in combination with the SonicFill Handpiece and offers sonically activated delivery. This delivery produces a significant drop in viscosity upon extrusion, allowing intimate adaptation of the composite to the cavity walls. When the cavity is filled and the Handpiece is deactivated, the viscosity of
the restorative resin increases retaining desired physical properties.

The non-sticky, non-slumping nature of the material allows for quick, easy shaping and sculpting. These benefits combined with a high depth of cure allow a technique in which a cavity up to 5mm in depth can be filled and cured in a single bulk increment.


Storage Conditions and Shelf Life:

SonicFill should be stored at ambient temperature. The expiration date is marked on packaging. Do not use after expiration date. Every effort should be made to protect the composite from visible light prior to use.


The Unidose tips are designed for SINGLE PATIENT USE ONLY. Do not re-cap and/or re-use the Unidose tip once material has been dispensed for that patient. This is to prevent cross-contamination between patients.


• Isolation throughout adhesive steps and composite placement is important. Rubber dam is ideal.

• Please closely follow bonding agent directions for use.

• Please take care to ensure that your air line is free of oil and other contaminants.

SonicFill Handpiece
The SonicFill Handpiece is packaged with a Use and Care guide. To receive the best use from your Handpiece, read and follow the use and care instructions included with the device.


1. Select the desired shade. If Class II, place matrix of choice.

2. Verify air pressure of dental unit is at least 36 PSI. If the unit is set to a higher pressure, it will be automatically regulated to 36 PSI inside the instrument.

3. Accurately position the Handpiece on the MULTIflex coupling and press it firmly until securely (audibly) locked.

4. Remove protective covers from tip by pulling them straight off without twisting to prevent disassembling the tip. Discard any disassembled tips.

5. Insert Unidose capsule with moderate pressure and rotate SonicFill Handpiece into tip in a clockwise direction – this will screw tip into place. If the tip will not screw on easily, it has likely cross-threaded. Unscrew the tip and start again. If you are not able to easily screw the tip onto the handpiece, discard the tip.

6. Using foot pedal, briefly activate handpiece outside mouth to ensure tip is fully engaged.

7. The dispensing rate/speed is set with the switch at the bottom of the Handpiece. Setting 5 is the fastest speed; setting 1 is slowest. Set desired speed at base of Handpiece. For your first several uses, you may wish to place the speed at setting “3” until you become familiar with the flow rate. When you are comfortable with the device, setting “5” will be appropriate for many restorations.

8. Place Unidose tip at the deepest portion of the preparation to avoid trapping air.

9. Activate SonicFill Handpiece by depressing foot pedal and fill entire cavity (up to 5 mm). It is recommended to use full air pressure when activating the Handpiece. Use the dispensing rate switch to control the flow rate and speed of the device. In a deep cavity (>5mm) or when placing core buildup in a deep pulp chamber, 2 separately cured increments are recommended.

10. After placement, define anatomy using hand instrument(s).

11. Light Cure*.

12. Adjust occlusion, finish and polish in the usual manner. 4

13. Remove tip by unscrewing it counterclockwise with finger pressure.
14. Between patients, follow the infection control and maintenance guidelines specified in the SonicFill Handpiece Use and Care Guide.

Recommended Cure Times:
Demi/Demi Plus, 20 seconds
L.E.Demetron II, 20 seconds
Optilux 501: Boost mode, 20 seconds / Ramp Mode, 40 seconds / Regular Mode, 40 seconds

For all other lights, see manufacturer’s recommendation.

* In the posterior, light cure the recommended time from the occlusal, remove the matrix and cure again from the buccal and lingual.

In a Class I, additional cure is still recommended from the facial and lingual.

CAUTION: Uncured methacrylate resin may cause contact dermatitis and damage the pulp. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and soft tissue. Wash thoroughly with water after contact.

SonicFill Order Info

SonicFill Intro Kit Part# 34924
Contains: 1 SonicFill Handpiece, 40 Unidose Tips in A2, 10 Unidose Tips in A1,
10 Unidose Tips in A3, 1 Getting Started Kit, Directions for Use, Technique
Guide and Technique Video

SonicFill Value Kit Part# 35150
Contains: 1 SonicFill Handpiece, 40 Unidose Tips in A1, 40 Unidose Tips in A3,
220 Unidose Tips in A2, Directions for Use and Technique Guide

SonicFill Unidose Refills
Each refill contains 20 Unidose Tips (0.3 g each)
SonicFill Composite A1 Part# 34921
SonicFill Composite A2 Part# 34922
SonicFill Composite A3 Part# 34923
SonicFill Composite B1 Part #35285
Handpiece and Accessories
SonicFill Handpiece Part# 35215
Kerr MULTIflex Coupling Part# 35134
SonicFill Handpiece Lubrication Spray Part# 35207
Contains: 1 Canisters of SonicFill Handpiece :ubrication Spray and 1 Nozzle.

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