Super-Cor – Universal Light-Cured Microhybrid Composite

Super-Cor is a light-cured microhybrid composite for the restorative treatment of anterior and posterior teeth.

The inorganic filler loading is 59 % by volume with an average particle size of 0.6 microns.

Super-Cor composite is delivered in traditional syringes and is available in 16 VITA shades and in incisal and universal opaque shade.

All shades but incisal are radio-opaque.

Indications – Super-Cor :

  • Direct fillings of Class I to V according to Black
  • Restorations of traumatic defects of hard dental tissues
  • Aesthetic veneers manufactured by direct method
  • Repairs of veneered parts of fixed prosthetic restorations in the patient’s mouth
  • Cosmetic corrections
  • Super-Cor – direct build-ups of dental crown in vital as well as endodontically treated teeth

Indications – Opticor Flow:

  • The first layer of composite fillings of Class I and II according to Black („stress absorber“) in combination with Super-Cor
  • Fissure sealing
  • Fillings of minimally invasive preparations of carious lesions


Application of the material to dentin in close proximity to pulp or in cases of open pulp cavity is not recommended. Do not use if clean working field cannot be assured, or if it is impossible to adhere to the prescribed instruction for application of adhesive. Do not use in cases of known hypersensitivity of the patient to any component of the product.

Adverse effects:

Only in exceptional cases reactions due to hypersensitivity to a product component can be observed in some patients. No other local or systemic adverse effects have been observed.


Surfaces to which you are bonding

General thoughts on good surface bonding:

  1. Isolate tooth from adjacent teeth. Use clear thin strips. Rubber dam is highly recommended.
  2. Moist dentin surfaces – rather than dry, desiccated dentin – are shown to actually enhance the bond strengths of the latest generation bonding agents (such as Retensin Plus). NOTE: “Moist” does not infer blood or saliva contamination.
  3. Placement sequence should be followed closely.
  4. Take a moment to identify the type of surface and the materials necessary.
  5. There is enough completed clinical testing to support the “total-etch” technique. Etching dentin is recommended.
  6. Please take care to ensure that the air line is oil-free.


Generally, application of liners is not necessary with adhesive fillings. If the clinical situation requires base or liner application (e.g. Kavitan Plus – SpofaDental a.s.), apply the base material in the necessary extent to the pulpal wall of dentin, not covering the other walls of the cavity. Proceed in accordance with directions in the base material package leaflet. In cavities near the pulp you can spot a calcium hydroxide material to protect the pulp. Minimize the contact of calcium hydroxide base materials with the adhesive Retensin Plus. Unique glass-filled technology and high bond strength make Retensin Plus a true replacement for conventional liners

To use Retensin Plus Bottle delivery:

  • Shake bottle briefly prior to dispensing.
  • Dispense one drop of adhesive into disposable mixing well
  • Wet applicator tip completely


Guidelines for bonding to enamel and/or dentin.
The following procedure applies to both direct placement composite restorations as well as under fresh amalgam restorations:

  1. Etch enamel and dentin for 15 seconds with 37.5 % Phosphoric acid etch. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring that all etch is removed. Warning: The etching gel contains phosphoric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and soft tissue. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately with water, get medical attention for eyes. Do not take internally.
  2. Dry lightly, do not desiccate.
  3. Apply Retensin Plus to enamel/dentin surface with applicator tip for 15 seconds, using light brushing motion.
  4. Air thin for 3 seconds.
  5. Light cure for 20 seconds*.
  6. Place composite and light cure.


  1. Select the desired shade.
  2. If using syringe delivery, after extruding material out on pad make sure to back off the syringe at least two full turns to relieve pressure on the material.
  3. Increments should be no more than 2 mm at a time. After placing an increment, stroke the composite to ensure marginal adaptation.
  4. Light cure each increment for a minimum of 40 seconds**. When multiple surfaces are available, cure each surface for this recommended time.

To ensure optimal composite Super-Cor performance of syringes during use: after dispensing the composite, relieve pressure by turning the syringe handle back two turns. This will prevent material build-up in the cap and provide reliable composite use after storage.

Every effort should be made to protect the composite from visible light prior to use.

* Recommended Cure Times: Optilux 501 in Boost mode 10 seconds, L.E. Demetron I 10 seconds, L.E. Demetron II 5 seconds. For all other lights see manufacturer’s recommendation.
** Recommended Cure Times: Optilux 501 20 seconds, L.E. Demetron I 20 seconds, L. E. Demetron II 10 seconds. For all other lights see manufacturer’s recommendation.

Safety precautions:

Uncured methacrylate resin may cause contact dermatitis and damage the pulp. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and soft tissue. Wash thoroughly with water after contact.

Waste material disposal: Observe your local legal regulations.

Storage: Store at ambient temperature.

Shelf life: 3 years. Do not use after expiration date.

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