UltraCal XS – 30%–35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste

UltraCal XS is an aqueous, 12.5 pH, syringeable, radiopaque, calcium hydroxide paste.

Use it as an endodontic treatment dressing.

Superior delivery control of UltraCal XS is obtained with a NaviTip attached.

UltraCal XS is to be used as per literature teachings for pulp capping, lining pulpotomies, or as a temporary dressing as per apexification procedures in endodontics.

Procedure UltraCal XS:

Following instrumentation, remove luer lock cap from syringe and attach a NaviTip. Deliver UltraCal XS short of the apex while slowly withdrawing tip (Fig. 1).
Note: Use Ultra-Blend plus for pulp capping procedure.

General Precautions:


  1. For Professional use only.
  2. Review instructions, warnings, precautions, and SDS before beginning treatment. For SDS and additional information about our products, please go to www.ultradent.com.
  3. Keep products out of heat/sunlight.
  4. Avoid skin exposure to resins.
  5. Isolate strong chemicals to area of treatment.
  6. Confirm that patient has no known allergies to treatment materials.
  7. Test flow of materials from syringe and tip before using intraorally.
  8. Never force syringe plungers.
  9. Use Ultradent Syringe Covers and/or clean and disinfect syringes between patients.
  10. Use standard curing lights with all light polymerized/activated materials.



  1. Material is basic. Use carefully and rinse with lots of water if material is inadvertently discharged in an undesired area.
  2. Tips are disposable.
  3. Verify the color and consistency of the product flow before applying by expressing a small amount onto a mixing pad or gauze. Discard any clear liquid that is expressed.
  4. Deliver with NaviTip, staying at least 2mm shy of the apex, always keeping the delivery tip loose in the canal. Don’t deliver with plastic tips which can occlude tight in the canal (example Capillary tips).
  5. Prefilled syringes are multi-dosage. Clean and disinfect between applications as appropriate.
  6. We highly recommend using Ultradent Syringe Covers sealed with the Impulse Sealer to provide a protective barrier against cross-contamination.


  • 4 x 1.2ml syringes
  • 20 x 1.2ml syringes
  • 4 x 1.2ml syringes
    20 x NaviTip tips (Assorted 29ga – 5 of each length)

CATEGORY Endodontics
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