ViscoStat Clear – 25% Aluminum Chloride gel

ViscoStat Clear
Viscostat Clear is a 25% Aluminum Chloride gel in a viscous, aqueous vehicle.

Viscostat Clear leaves no residue or stain making it ideal for use in the esthetic zone.

ViscoStat Clear is intended for sulcus retraction prior to impression making and to control bleeding and gingival oozing in restorative and operative dentistry used with gingival retraction cord and/or the Dento Infusor.
The solutions facilitate the insertion of the cord into the sulcus.

Viscostat Clear – Directions for Use – General:

  1. For 1.2ml syringe
    a.Remove Luer cap.
    b.Securely attached working tip (Metal Dento-Infusor).
    c.Verify flow prior to applying intraorally.
  2. For IndiSpense Syringe
    a.Remove Luer cap from Indispense syringe.
    b.Attach a 1.2ml syringe to the male threads of the IndiSpense syringe.
    c.Depress IndiSpense plunger while guiding 1.2ml syringe plunger to desired fill.
    d.Separate syringes and re-cap IndiSpense syringe.
    e.Securely attach working tip (Metal Dento-Infusor).
    f.Verify flow prior to applying intraorally.
  3. Using a palm grasp, slowly express solution while rubbing against bleeding tissue.

NOTE: To avoid cross contamination, use new syringes and tips for additional volumes. NOTE: Recommended contact time for ViscoStat Clear is 1-3 minutes.

Directions for Use – Impressions:

ViscoStat Clear

  1. Follow “General” steps above.
  2. Rub around the full circumference of the preparation expressing the solution into bleeding tissue surface to control bleeding.
  3. When hemostasis is obtained, use a firm air/water spray to clean preparation. Check for hemostasis. If bleeding occurs, repeat step 2 above to bleeding area. Re-check with air/water spray until bleeding has stopped.
  4. Displace tissue by packing size appropriate Ultrapak or displacement cord into sulcus. For optimum displacement and hemostasis, place a small amount of ViscoStat Clear in a dappen dish and soak cord prior to packing.
  5. Wait 1-3 minutes before removing cord.
  6. Remove cord, rinse with a firm air/water spray, check for hemostasis, and make impression.

Directions for Use – Direct and Indirect Bonded Restorations:

  1. Follow “General” steps above.
  2. Lightly rub around the full circumference of the preparation expressing the solution into bleeding tissue surface to control bleeding.
  3. When hemostasis is obtained, use a firm air/water spray to clean preparation. Check for hemostasis. If bleeding occurs, repeat step 2 above to bleeding area. Re-check with air/water spray until bleeding has stopped.
  4. Soak Ultrapak or cord in ViscoStat Clear solution.
  5. Gently pack size appropriate cord into sulcus.
  6. Thoroughly rinse preparation and surrounding tissue using a firm air/water spray to clean and check for hemostasis and sulcular fluid control.
  7. Scrub preparation surface with pumice or Ultradent’s Consepsis Scrub.
  8. Wait 1-3 minutes and remove cord. If using an unsoaked cord for tissue displacement, cord may be left in place during restorative procedure to protect soft tissue or may be removed.
  9. Rinse again with a firm air/water spray and dry.
  10. Apply bonding agent and restorative as per manufacturer’s instructions.

CLEANSING NOTE: The tooth and surrounding tissue should be thoroughly cleaned and all residual hemostatic agent and coagulum removed to avoid contamination of the dentin and/or enamel substrate. Failure to do so may jeopardize the bond and seal causing microleakage. Temporary cements may also contaminate the surface causing microleakage and bonding failure.

Precautions and warnings:

  1. For professional use only.
  2. Carefully read and understand all instructions, precautions and warnings before use.
  3. Do not use on patients with known allergies to aluminum chloride or chemical sensitivities.
  4. ViscoStat Clear, temporary cements, mucins, and blood will prevent quality adhesion and polymerization/ set of resins and will lead to microleakage under any restoration. Preparations must be thoroughly cleaned using a firm air/water spray and/or pumice or Consepsis scrub.
  5. ViscoStat Clear must be thoroughly washed from the preparation site with a firm air/water spray to avoid reaction with polyether materials and thereby compromising the surface set of the impression.
  6. When using self-etch bonding agents, the tooth/preparation surface must be scoured with pumice or Consepsis Scrub and thoroughly washed before application. This is not necessary when using a
    phosphoric etch bonding system or when using conventional glass ionomer, zinc phosphate, or similar cements.
  7. Do not combine with other hemostatic agents or chemistries without first thoroughly cleansing tooth and surrounding tissue.
  8. ViscoStat Clear is designed for intraoral use.
  9. Verify flow of all syringes prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and re-check.
  10. Use only recommended tips.
  11. Dispose of used tips and empty syringes properly.
  12. To avoid cross contamination, do not re-use tips.
  13. Do not use after expiration date noted on containers.
  14. All syringe tips and empty syringes are disposable product and for single use only to avoid crosscontamination. Fill a new empty syringe with the amount of material needed for the individual patient. Dispose of syringe after use.
  15. The prefilled syringes can be used repeatedly. During use, they have to be protected by Syringe Covers. After use, remove and dispose the Syringe Cover, together with the syringe tip. Re-cap syringe with the Luer Lock Cap and disinfect the syringe with a disinfecting agent, suitable for medical devices, which has no protein-fixing effect.
  16. Do not allow product to be ingested.
  17. Keep products out of direct heat/sunlight.
  18. Use protective clothing and eye shield when loading and handling ViscoStat Clear.
  19. Keep out of reach of children.
  20. ViscoStat Clear contains no epinephrine.

NOTE: For SDS and additional information about using ViscoStat Clear or related products, please go to


  • 4 x 1.2ml syringes
    20 x Metal Dento-Infusor tips
  • 1 x 30ml IndiSpense syringe
    20 x Metal Dento-Infusor tips
    20 x 1.2ml empty syringes





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